Hip Stretch With A Twist

Today I found useful to check out this routine for warming up your muscles before any workout. I pay special attention to the hip stretch with a twist, wich is a fundamental muscles for jumping. Most of the times you even notice how important it is until you feel pain and can not walk as normal for two weeks. Remember that this routine is quite fast, in my opinion you better try the same routine in Asana yoga motion, very gently and concentrate in the morning if is possible before you start your day. Here we go:

This is the Asana yoga motion for hip stretch:

 Keep going and relax, your body thanks you. I share with you this link to a yoga website professional really. I remember being very enthusiastic about this routine but I realize you can not do much, the stretching has to be conducted by a yoga specialist, you can manage to do a little bit yourself but if you force the stretching is not good and later on the pain moves somewhere else, like you instead of releasing the local pain, the exaggeration for longer than 30 minutes stimulates others muscles. Body is sophisticated in this matter, its lies to you at the moment by a relaxing you, after two days  you feel gradually the consequences of your actions.


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