Just dance #game

This excellent dance game teaches you efficiently new and fast movements,  I can not resist mentioning my first experience with this game three year ago while playing with my nice, she got frustrated by the fact that I scored higher than her. For a good performance first a warming-up and then train in a little group for fun. The example in this post is the choreography of “I get the feeling” which has fast movements combine with jumping and spinning.

First the video with the complete esqueme:

Now a tutorial with the spinning technique, here you should not do it many times because you get dizzy with the chance of be coming sick. I think the first video shows the posture more than the real technique while the secondary video is a better approach for just dance style.

There are many important technical concept to manage, first the correct positionering of the foots, then the arms and finally the later spinning of your head. It has to be armonious,  easy to say than be done.

Finally the balance, the key factor, because other ways you will be frustrated falling down, literally. Try this essential step before doing piruettes. Be pacient and train a few times.

I imagine that doing the right movements need certain instruction I share with you the website for self study Alexander technique.


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