Cardio and Streching

We hear about cardio and it looks like it does anything than expend energy, even help to build muscle or improve your figure. Well, it is just a have of the story because it helps diminish muscle pain and increase flexibility, we have to do it in combination with streching of course, to achieve the best. This strange pain in your back, or the strange pain in your legs will literaly disapear by doing this two excellent routines.

Let´s try the first routine, Cardio Home for 30 minutes:

For streching we use the routine for dancers, streching is not so easy and there are certain limits, they advice to do it everyday, in my opinion you have to feel how your body experience the effort and slowly found time for recovery, imagine two times a week is enough for a beginner dancer:

After ding this routine for a month of two one or two times a month you should show your progress on the dance floor, start with Greace:


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