Ballet in form


This is an American website which I follow as bible. It is just new and has practical videos with really important techniques for dancers. I like the explanation about lifting and frappes because this are entertaining and warm up my muscles much better.

I still do not understand the position of my feet during warming up in the first position because my teacher does not recomend me to do any plié in 90 degrees. She says I damage my knees. Paying attention to this I do not manage the complete rotation of my feet and that is frustrating.

Lets check out one example: is quite logic that the movements should cordinate, we can not see it at least someone tell us that it is a little bit strange the movement or maybe you see it on the mirrow. Almost innate for some people, except in ballet world, because this kind of details are the difference between a simpler dancer and an extraordinary dancer. We see after some years the progress just if we train on the barre, it is likely much more stable and our mind is trainning to keep on this position.

Just changing subject, lets see this guy performing at Elle show, it is modern dance and has incredible interpretation and masculine. It is not a softy ice, I mean a real man!

My house should be like this, with a complete area for just jumping around. Crazy.


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