Épaulement is shouldering or the placing of the shoulders.

Today we have to look at the Pacific Northwest ballet Summer course for girls between 17 and 18. I admit to enjoy very much doing the technique teaching by this extraordinary teacher. My feets are now with much pain and my condition is not better at the time of this writing. Tomorrow I hope the pain is relief.

After a couple of warming ups, they start with a beautiful excercise showing all the positions of the shoulders, really brilliant. The last part of the training is about jumping in a delicate way in combination with rotation and much work of the arms. I really end the this video admiring the power of their feets and really dreaming like stupid to put my leg a little bit higher, jumping and rotating my body.

Lets see the video about épaulement which is all about this post:

I think for any person to do this movement already gives you a sense of culture, art, fun. No words to explain just do it gently.


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