Ballet school competition: Classics vs Modern ballet

For me the best is to have two classic ballet class per week at least separate to each other. In the school were I am now,  I can carry my own clothes while the other school is everything in black. The competition school has the classic ballet class exactly on Friday, just I do not know if they accept me because of my age. Lets be serious, we are talking about little girls of no more than 17 and that is so very clear for the first school, but not in the second one.

To help me with the pain on my feets I tried modern dance on Friday but the teacher said that I should do the basics first. The class is exactly on Thursday the day of my classics ballet routine. I figure out that modern dance is nothing for me. It is fun and a little bit cardio but just it is not my future. I like feeling like a start and with this style I feel like a mimo. On the other hand modern dance is relax and good for my feet. Fast sometimes, even I laugh very much by my mistakes but I do not care because it is irrelevant when it is for my own pleasure, in a group it is just not done loosing the track. Sorry for that.


Searching my feeling I asked three classes in the other school. I wait for their answer, very enthousiast. Do I have to stand their uniform?

Anyway there are many schools I just do not know what is the best at this time. Because I would like eventually to be in a performance, eventually be recogniced and eventually be a top ballet dancer. It is my ambition and my dream. If little girls trust the school, why do I not feel the same?

To finish I found this video quite cool. They explain the difference between the two type of ballet.


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