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Why does Balancé makes sense?

This is a basic movement which I do not manage yet. Probably because there is something incredible curious about it. It is not just moving side to side, it is has to be rolling in and out the foot. It is something so ridiculous that can be forgotten in a second. When you are doing this exercise, remember Le Syphides and The Swam Lake, because it is delicate and make a little crossing with the foot that makes so much sense.

Check this video out:

This little step behind the ankle is such pretty, then with the leg pointing out finishing the step makes a ridiculous movement that makes me laugh. If you see very carefully, it is your body in such kind of relevé at the end.The arms close down the movement while transporting the body and leg to the other side. When the foot is right behind the ankle you see the other foot rolling in and out. Cute! Even more cute to see the feet going behind which is also rolling in and out.. A great movement for my homework today. It is a play with the ankles making this movement one of my favorietes of the week.

Finally, this video shows the different ways to transport the body…Incredible! You just feel like really doing ballet.


When I start ballet the most beautiful I saw was this movement. It is the final objective of balancé! This is a class in French language were I have some experience. If you dont know what he says, better take also a French language course. LOL.




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