Comfort Zone

When I was at school my world was gimnastics, basquetball and running. Later I did swimming and scuba diving. In the dancing I did of course tap and hip hop. It was something about latin movements, not really competition like, but I was a little enthusiast. Now living in Europe I start studing ballet, already searching and reading about the beginning of all the ballet culture.

For me it is out of my comfort zone, having to deal with pointe work, because it require exactly the oposite of wat I was doing for a while in my Latin culture. It has to do with the position of my hips. Really, it is hard for me to understand that from this point in the study of ballet technique that is of no return. I have to change my way of movement.

Ballet has no movement of the hips, shakira would ever be a good ballet dancer in this context.  It has a specific aligment which makes my life at this moment scaring.

It is dramatic, do you think about how is to change the latin movement into this?

The next step is having this picture in mind and discover the best way to achieve this alignment. I am positive and a little scare at the same  time.

And to discover about hip correction, even ever think before that I could need this practices!

Next chapter will be something about coreography, as in this video is explaine:


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