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Ballet Workout


Cost me 6 month to really appreciate the difference in terms, when they say Ballet Workout and Classic Ballet. In the first, we do Barre, Allegro and Adagio. While in the second it is much more focus on dance choreography. I like obviously both activities.

In this period, I am complicate about my left leg, because it is not always so stretch as I want, even I feel it is like sleeping. How do I wake up this leg? I think it takes 6 months more.

Because all this time I was doing cardio, I was really pumping my heart, but never working for my muscles power, concentration. In particular movements such Temp Lié, which is the step in every sequence  call plié, for example, when you go from Arabesca to pirouette en Dehors.

I really have to mention, that my experience under the surveillance of a real dance master in my eyes,  has been incredible useful. Without her patience I would never understand the relevance of this little aspects about ballet, such the right use of my hips, the correct posture of my head and knees. Such little details makes the difference in the workout because then I know where I am going to. For example, such simple to see, but difficult to imitate is a pirouette en l´air. I fell down 5 times when I started to do the technique that my man becomes worried about. What are you doing? Do you want to end in the hospital? Really, I saw I was in control, but it is such incredible movement. It is a twist in the air, literally, you fly in the air.

Something really important I learnt this week, is that you have to train with a teacher who really motivate to teach you. You feel that the teacher is for you, when he talks about the positives things of your style of dancing, when he asks you which are your goals. They do not smoke and really tells you what is going on!

My teacher from the beginning told me: Not everybody can dance.

When I hear this, I knew deep in my heart that it was true, but I did not understand the message untill now. The message behind this sentence is that ballet is an accumulation of years feeling your body and experience what you manage to do. Pure art. It is not about who is the one on the podium receiving honours and aplauses. Something just achievable for the ones who dedicate the entire life to ballet and they get a salary for this. At the end, because ballet is art,  whe should ask ourselfs: What do I really can do with mybody? I saw that the answer was in gymnastics, they roll in the air. It could be a goal, but is  this realistic? Probably, not.

For now, my goal is to improve my muscle condition and stretch for Grand Battement and Grand Jeté. I should manage to elevate my leg untill 45 degrees above my hips. I think is something achievable and I am scare about the evolution. And if I really manage  I will be very proud.



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