Freerunning / Parkour

Parkour shoes and selection

eliorun20purple20pink8352123_pshot_360-ld-0001I was shopping special shoes for parkour sports. In my city the biggest store is called Decathlon, they have several brands and the one light, flexible and colorful is the brand Kalenji. I described the objective of my sport and decide that the best choice is start with this brand for a price of just 15 euro. Yesterday, I trained with them all around my house, jumping over stones and over park chairs. The shoes are warm even outdoor with a temperature of 10 grades Celcius. They are light and get easily dirty. Very strange they are sold in the category running shoes for 29,99 euro with a 50% discount. The special about this shoes is a kind of anti-schok technique called K-ring and just for people under 90kg. I think this shoes are to soft for someone above 70 kg. Garantie for 2 years, I think is not done, this shoes do not manage running for that reason it is perfect for parkour.


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