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The perfect ballet figure

The perfect figure for ballet consist of the one able to perform jumps and piruettes with technique. You need many years to get strong legs and balance the different parts of your body. Moreover, you experience pain when movements are not wel executed or you are not concience of your hips and knies. With time all injures eventually heal just you do not have to provoque an injury if your goal is to continue dancing.

747937d3d3fdc74ab84612bf775839f2All around you see slim bodies, yet the most important is to manage the articulation and balance because this permite to work forward muscle power without increassing  mass. To build musscle mass is not recommended for dancers performing delicate music because it is visually not graceful. Fitness such barre workout, ballet class, yoga and pilates are fine, just not the only ones, you can practice parkour, freerunning too. Any other dance such as  afro and salsa for cardio are welcome.

If you are thinking that your figure is voluminous, it could be musscle mass or fat, in the second case the solution is most of the time eating food that with a little amount you feel satisface, such cheese, pasta, spinach, mango, bananen, meat, brood, milk, yogurth. Variation  is important and drink enough water too. Do not over work  because it can increasse musscle mass.

Drinking and smoking before training is also not recommendable because you need clean bloed to irrigate nutrients to your musscles. Sleeping wel is necessary because it affects our concentration.

To finish this essential and obvious advises, I tell you that using oils to warm up your muscles is a great idea. Even more, going to spa and let someone give you a massage is the most wonderful experience that repair internal damage and heal your mind.



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