Cardio / Running

When your mother goal is 66kg

My mother is about 66 years old and she dreams to be like 30 years ago, feeling light and energetic. I understand that very well, If I was her I ll do my best. Because I know how difficult is to reach her goal: 2 kg less, that is all.

We are doing everyday efforts to teach her how to eat because you feel necessity and not because you have to eat. Even I show her quality strength fitness and invite her to dance ballet at my school. She remains very active and sleep enough to start light training next day. Recently, after 1 month, she decided to start running 2.2km, I am very enthusiastic about it because she feels happy. I let her to feel how long she can run without any hurt sensation on the knees which is her weak point. At this time, she drinks enough water everyday and remains very positive. She is a hard worker and never get involved in fitness as we do now, she is changing very much the last years.

For me is a wonder that she manages the tempo I try to conduct her, while I know she is afraid of this feeling we all came through:  to know our physical limits.

Now the challenge is clear, she has to run at least 2.2km and handle a simple bridge. I am very sure that now she is on the right direction because there is not pressure to be 2 kg lighter, she is motivated and work for a better life style.






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