Boots / Coordination

Achieve a perfect foutté dancing with boots

03223-216x306I went to the dance club with my mother again, nobody was there. I mean nobody could see my training at the other side of the club. They have wood floor and it was designed for dirty shoes, not really the best for a delicate ballet dancer but believe it or not I make magics on this floor.

This night I hit the floor at 8 o’clock, not DJ, my mother, the barman, some girls and two boys observing the atmosphere. The music and space are perfect for a little training, some stretching and my foutté.

bb3_vaslav-profile-white_2I execute a perfect foutté with my leather boots, it gives me stability and security. I never expect that my perseverance could bring me to this moment. For that reason, I decide to share it with you because probably you do not know how to perform this spectacular movement. Try using leather boots! The ones I try are quite soft and flat and high until four fingers before my knees. Some of this boots on internet are for jazz. I mean the ones for ballet. They say that the boots are for man, of course, however in my opinion is just a technical detail because it is for performances and not for training as I suggest. Search on Grishko for alternatives and many more. The beauty of the front page scares me a little.


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