Pas de Deux

When the best physically capable man has no idea about ballet

ballet-gala-110Yesterday, I meet such precious man esthetically incredible, muscle capacity perfect. He tries first steps on dance in one of the clubs I regularly visit. Surprising for me, he manages attitude and straight posture, however he is not a dancer. Too long doing bike or who knows, any other activity than dancing. He is going under a very complicate activity. He feels in my opinion far from his comfort zone, with doubts he tries to follow others movements with a clear success. I wonder how he will develop. I heard he is going to start kizomba, a relax dance with little progress and several limits in terms of technique or movement´s variation.

I think next time I ll not force him to perform the steps, he does not feel comfortable, not because of me, is because everything for him is such new, maybe I confront him with identity issues mentioning that he has ideal posture for a ballet dancer, probably because he does not know the strength and quality movements of the style, he could feel embarrass. He needs many years to go over the dilemma. Moral will show him the real face. Perhaps, he decides to abandon my advise. For now, I see him dancing pas de deux with me:

I meet also a man who is very gentle and dance fantastically. He has also quite style, I feel sad that I have not chance to practice with him all the things I dream. Such cute man, just to busy with latin movements and not very communicative as the other one.  I probably never found a man completely focus to improve a pas de deux, that is my deep sadness. I ll stay forever like this girls on Sugar Plum Fairy, dancing alone the rest of my life.

I must mention that four girls almost manage my concept for pas de quatre however this girls did not know what was going on. If they know that I start to teach them Swan Lake could not believe it.


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