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You feel intense pain. How do you react?

There is no reason to get upset in times of weakness, specially if you can not control the situation, it brings more anxiety and tension to your mind and body. During this terrible stage, your body feels heavy and lazy. You have to remain calm because it makes space for analysis. The plans ahead can be posponed in regard of your health situation. You can understand this main principle when it is too late.


For dancers, pain is all the time present and this can have many origins. Too much effort doing right technique or worst doing everything without technique. The two sensations are extreme and if your body start complaining better relax, do some stretching, visit a spa and forget all the plans, it could be the end of your dance time right now. Do not wait until a cirugy is needed or think that you can manage injuries alone. It is not wise to think that you are indestructible.

When pain and extreme behavior are longer than two or three weeks, the situation has in my opinion, a bad prognosis. Take care of yourself and learn that not everybody can dance. The reality is cruel.


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