The making of a tutu

My mother invests part of the day to make my dream true. She is making for me a real dramatic style tutu color lila. We bought 12 meters textile and started looking at models on internet.


We keep it simple and use only one layer which is not much, it is now transparent. I do not know if it is correct this transparency but for me it has an incredible value. She makes it for me and I ll preserve her present for the coming years I am leaving on earth to remember her love. There are not many people in this world that I can say I can trust, my mother is special, she wants me to be independent and probably in case of emergency she could help me but at the same time she is not going to accept that I do not work for my dreams. That is why, I am not living so close to her. My dream is to know the entire world, invite her to my world and provide a little release for her economic status while she said everything is all right, I do not believe it.  I offer her what I have, my tranquility, my ballet, my food, my books, etc.

I do not have family plans but if God helps me, just as she said maybe I get involve in a new face of my life where children becomes part of my reality. The tutu is now active but with children I would not have much time for ballet.  That is life, you abandon and sacrifice for the next generation. I think a child can bring new people into my life and new challenges. I think it is worth to try the experience of a real family even if is just for a short period, lets say 20 years.

I found beautiful dresses here.


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