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Event management: conflicts during social dance

modern style dancer posing behind studio backgroundEvent management is my favorite and much easier chapter I ever studied for marketing. It remembers me cell biology. It has a start, development and end. For different reasons, exist disruption inside the event such as wrong target group, poor feedback and lack of resources.

  1. Wrong target group:  a party is organized for the simple purpose to offer relaxation as service. The extra services are dancing, having a drink or verbal communication. If people can not relax because they have problems while dancing, there is nothing of their taste at the bar, or even worst people there do not communicate right because of personal issues. I think the party will be almost a disaster. To solve one by one this affairs requires meeting the desires of the clients. Which are there? How do you come after this information? It cost time and money this source of investigation and the management has to handle controllable factor first.
  2. Poor feedback:  When we talk about events normally you send a questionnaire to know the reactions and estimate what it is lost and can be repair next time. Most of the time if the reactions are ambiguous you will underestimate it. Try to be as much clear as possible when asking feedbacks to your target group.
  3. Lack of resources: If you are starting with low budgets the results are most of the time mediocre. There is no security, there is no internet tickets to buy, there is no ventilation at the event, the toilets collaps, etc. Invest better any resource and try to maximize the service without converting your own creation in a prison. You do your best, but humans always wants more and more.

The theater is my favorite example of a well organized activity, from the beginning perfect, a little expensive of course.  If you have ever been at the theater, you will ever manage to know all the little details necessary to make out of your event a great success.


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