La Esmeralda: looking at the choreograhy

marjana-fazullina-la-esmeralda-103-1First part

At the very beginning she starts walking to the center with the right arm extended to the front shaking the tambourine. Making a half rond looking at the public. The first pose is with the arms repeating a L form to the left, front extending the arms in between. The position of the legs change from preparatory to pointe croisé, finishing in 5th position.

Continuing, she pointe and uses her left leg to stay with one leg on the floor while the toes from the left leg is at the right knee, holding the tambourine in the air  while the other hand stays at her waist. She looks at the left side. She changes to the right with passé extending very high the right leg. The arm with the tambourine around her waist while the other is in the air behind her ear.

She returns to the waist position and pointe to the lefts with one foot to extend  ones again her right leg high in the air.

The sequence repeat from the beginning: croisé, pointe right leg holding waist and right leg high.

She plays hard one time the tambourine and turns to the right for 2 times double pirouette to end in preparatory position pirouette triple.

Second part

She starts with the right leg and arm to the front to make one step to the left. She is exaggerating an arabesque, there you see her flexibility, standing in pointe with the left leg while curving the entire spine to play the tambourine with the elated right leg behind her. Crazy!

She walks to the left in pointe with the right leg leading 5 little steps. Right hand in the air while the left hand stay at her waist.

Now comes the unforgettable play with the tambourine 3 times the same sequence. We saw that the right leg is leading the little walk, then when she finishes the left leg stay behind to play the tambourine, one clap down and one clap up to the middle of the left arm. Very cute. She end the sequence with double and triple pirouette, which I describe above.

Third part

She does a greatful movement with her right leg moving her body to the right, what we call a Fondu. This action follows a 5th position pointe right, her left hand is on her waist while the other arm and hand is in the air, as always being the basic position for breaks, just this time she makes a half circle with her right arm to the back . She plays again the tambourine over her left shoulder to walk a half circle to the right. She starts 1 double piruette and one piruette little down in plié, because she brush her right leg to complete the pirouette.  She ends with the tambourine in front of her waist while the other arm is extended a little behind her ear. The complete sequence is repeated 2 times from the semi circle playing with the left shoulder.

The third time she does the same last sequence, the diference is that she plays now the left hand and start walking to the left playing the tambourine as she did in the introduction. She really walks behind the scenario because it is the time for jumps!

We are now at the end of the choreography.

She is now at the back of the scenario. Elevating her right leg playing the pandero 3 times making a simple pirouette to the right. 3 times each on pointe.

Is the turn of Grand Jeté, she makes 2 simple pirouette and walk has you know to win power for Grand Jeté, two arms extended behind her ear. Impressive.

She ends with a classical from Pas de quattre, do you know? this one from the Swan Lake. With the difference is that she remains with the L pose, even the right leg is very much extended to the left. The reverencé is simple, two times to the left both feet and arms.  She says good bye with her left hand.

This is extraordinary. I do not know what to say. More about ballet term here.


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