Love letter

Love letter from a ballet dancer

For my beloved Jan,

Let me introduce you, my lover. You can not move as I would like, as a ballet dancer. A lack of energy to lift me up makes you feel embarrassed.

Your mind  is the hardest part of me, if I fall you hold me up, when I think I am exhausted you pronounce the words I need to hear so then recover from my wounds is faster.

It is pain in my muscles, the stretching is ruining my day sometimes. You can not move as I would, baby, you can not hold me in the air. When I fall down you know how to open my soul because you are the elephant skin on my back.


You safe me from the death, you know I am scared so much. I can be alone while the music sounds hard but when I am alone at the studio, the reality exhaust me. My weakness absorbe me.

In bed you are soft, and in the morning my sensible body wants your warm hand for the daily massage. The massage is the simple touch of your love for me, the essence of peace.

You look at me with patient, just to motivate me to fight, and of course you see me crying somehow, because it is not natural to have such little time for each other, just 20 years, baby, imagine. Would not be much for me. What is going to happend?

I ask myself who is going to love me then, when I am not longer young and beautiful, do you know this song?

I love you believe in my grace, I appreciate you are my fan as well. Let me say, baby, I am your fan too, for all the things you have done for me, for all the time and trust you offer me, for your energy.

You will be back as the man from Hyatt, you will be back that laughing man, the runner, the soldier. You will be back…


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