Breakdance / Capriole

Review: Ballet step by step

christmas-in-july-nutcracker-balletI am reading a great book resuming everything you can imagine about ballet for self-study. It gives a brief view of the details behind the style and the requirements to become under limits, a graceful and technical dancer. I am in the chapter one which answer the question What is ballet? The answer is a little what I think, just I miss the word art. They mention that is a form of communication without words. This definition inspires me very much because it means that the movement has a meaning, together with music. It makes sense.

I miss also the word scenario. Further on, they mention that just for presentations the dancers are very well-trained and the rest is for pleasure. I do not agree with this comment because the word `trained´embarras me, it is like saying that the ones practicing ballet for pleasure are in contrast not well-trained. I think that for presentations there is much more than training necessary, we have to remember that exist auditions and not everybody is selected for a presentation such a theater. Even worst, I think that you can train a lot without having the guaranty that this effort will open the doors to be member of a ballet company. In my opinion, the ones selected at the audition are really making they dreams true.

On the other hand, the first page finishes talking about romantic ballet such Giselle. Following with The Swan Lake as examples for the 19 age. While the rest of the ballet is quite famous, the ballet of our generation has non known name. I have to search much more about it.

As quote, for me is just fun to hear that the acrobatic movements are originally coming from the circus-capriole ( a risky movement) of the street and the Italian Theater, the Commedia dell´arte.  I cannot imagine people jumping on the street, how? what exactly? Do not tell me,  they do already dance breakdance?.

The five foot positions are created by someone at the first ballet school in France, the Académie Royale de Danse. Now, to laugh a little more, they wrote on Wikipedia that the academie did not survive! Just  ballet  and opera under the name Paris Opera Ballet.

As conclusion, I think the word capriolen, explains why I am all the time on the ground.

This is just the first page of this incredible book. Yeah!


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