Balanchine / Jewels / Pas de Deux

Jewels from Balanchine

Jewels is a master piece choreography from Balanchine. It is in my opinion, unique in terms of costume and movements that makes it easier to adapt into other dance styles apart from ballet.

I will talk a little about Diamonds because is the most romantic. I see character, Bolero de Ravel and Manon because it is fun, it has identity and romantics aspects. I can see this part of the show thousands times and believe me, I jump every time to imitate them. The grace of the arms is perfectly mixed with the high extension of the legs and the sudden jumps and pirouettes appears to me much easier than practicing at my studio. It is maybe because I practice pirouettes en dehors alone. That is my little pain.


This dance needs a partner and needs this, lets say, tall girls. They are all white people, remarkable. Balanchine lets us know his preferences in terms of beauty. He likes diamonds, rubies and emerald. The costume is all the times fashion, quite progressive and sexy for both dancers. My favorite is the ruby color and the short dresses because it shows power to me.

Lets have a look at the choreography part 2/3:



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