How to make your own clothes

This is not the first time I am connected with this delicate subject about clothing and do-your-self activities and for me is always being a kind of climax in my life to be able to design my own mode. This deeply necessity starts because I just can not find at the stores the style of clothes I want, at least for a reasonable price.

I started looking at the materials and searching several stores to see what I am able to do at home. I think that my favorite texture is cupro. A material nonexistence for everyone on the market, because is part of speciality stores. The second texture I like very much is viscose because is soft and a little elastic. The only inconvenient is that it is incredibly delicate. Finally,  I have to name cotton because otherways I am not able to stand the cold. Almost 80 percent of my clothes are cotton.

We need a machine for at least 200 euro and the most important so much patience. I search hours for the right color, texture, print, and ever make mistakes while cutting or sewing. Everything is in slow motion.

For ballet, I like tutus, and transparent shorts together with transparent dresses or soft textures. Then I think about jewelery for my arms, neck and hair.

Lets have a look at my favorites clothes:

  1. This kind of dress is perfect, open at the side and in red color, very comfortable material and elegant design.


2. This combination looks casual and I wear on the street and at parties because it is simply my style.

3. This is also my color and the combination is the essence of purity. This kind of short makes you feel much more in control of what others can see.

For me purity and elegance is the most important when I select my clothes and of course it has to give me the chance to move where I want.


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