Spagat / Stretching

Stretching for spagat

The last weeks I made several stretching to increase my ability to do spagat. I feel better when I am in relevé and even I can hold myself in the ground for a couple of seconds quite deep with my legs open. It is a technique behind the exercise and it is a must for the muscles of my back too.

After hard work with dancing, I feel pain on my back and sometimes very much inside my knee and ankles. Stretching helps me to decreased the feeling that I can not dance, a miserable sensation. Otherways, I could not function because the pain freeze me.

Today I have a relaxing day, it was much more like training balance than real stretching. I was afraid it could be like that because is the goal everyday to be more flexible. My teacher gives me the time to relax and I feel fine again.

Tomorrow is a new day at the barre with the same routine and classic music. I know that relaxation is very important because it is not all the time tension what makes you flexible. I saw on internet several  hard training and I feel so sorry for those  little children crying. I do not understand very well, why do a child is forces to stretch if they do not want. I am adult and decide which tension I can handle while those children  are just feeling pain.

To continue with my explanation about stretching for spagat, let me tell you that sometimes it looks like I would never recover from that strange feeling behind my legs, and I pray this change in the coming months. At least helps me to stay firm for relevé.

I dream about making the spagat perfect and to jump as a bird does in Grand Jeté. Please, God give me that pleasure.

Finally, I have to tell you that I want to eat so much, every time I have the feeling that I need something  hours later and it is not fine. From one side I want to stay slim and at the other side I eat much more than 6 months ago. Really, a lot much more.

Lets, check a few of the stretching I am doing the past week.

  1. This kind of stretching is to decrease the pain in your ankles and under foot.

2. I roll my hips to get at the side of my body a little bit of relax, always when I stay to long time practicing hip hop or jumping I got sensible.

3. I stretch my back and legs, it has to be done very slowly. If you instead of stretching your back, the elongation is along your legs it is very painful.

4. This one supposes to help me with the opening of my hips but I really do it for fun. Because it cost me nothing.

5. This is the famous bridge, I do not advise anyone to do it just for fun. It is a very much controlled movement and it has steps before you fully curve your back. First, you have to breathe slowly, and second you have to be able to make a half bridge first at least two times. Your legs do not have to be much apart and you need a certain range of flexibility on your arms. So, please be careful. I even do not practice during my regular class, just only when I think I can. It has a technique aspect while moving up and down, it has to be very slowly and start from top until the last vertebrae. It is tricky.

To perform all this movements, breathing and relaxation are key element and you have to train your abs, which support this elements. Also, you have to think about each part of your body. During yoga practice as well.

I hope you now have a little idea about the efforts I am making to be able to dance, and from my side I hope that in the coming years my dreams become true.


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