muscle / Not everybody can dance

Moving your body does not mean you are a dancer

Most of dancers are day-people, after the performances which starts about 8 o’clock,  they have to take measures to help the muscles restoring. At least, we should sleep at night. If this do not happens can cost you much more to do again the same act.  For that reason, not everybody can dance. And this explains the differences between someone who is just moving his body from someone who is a real dancer.

We know our limits and we sacrifice night outs with the rest of the people because we would spoil all our work at the barre, all our pain during streching and all the abs exercises. Seriously, this is not a game.

We have to concentrate in the important things, the reason of our training is to be a dancer. We do not play dancers, the ones talking around are moving their bodies but have never reached their limits. We are searching the limits of what our body is able to do.

My advise for you: try to weak up early and be on time for classes at the barre, study your routine and see references online, for example if you can handle a pas de basque or a sissone, search for videos. Take time everyday for streching and every two days practice pilates, and other exercises to increase speed and power.Practice cardio and go by bike for 1 hour. The most important, sleep at night, do not play dancer, be a dancer.


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