Breakdance / Cardio / clothes / Parkour / Stretching

I was dancing with books “ Boekiebal and Guilty Pleasure”

This party cost me 8.5 euro and I think it gives me the feeling that I went to a much more expensive event. I saw it was boring, because it was not really clear what is all about the programme with writers. It has to be something like sitting and listening to authors, surrounded by  silly people without energy that is nothing for me, I thought. They wrote that it will be a music band. What kind of music? I created already a lifeless evening on my mind where I have to stay there with my welcome drink, just do not know what to do when the drink is over.

I went to the Natlab and paid my ticket, then I saw a black sofa perfect to make a picture, the red carpet and from distance on a screen, the promotion to see the film Dancer.

A blonde woman on a red dress gives me one chocolate in the form of a kiss and a sweet gum with a citric taste. At the door I receive my welcome drink, it was not Champagne, I just know it. Full of posters with quotes about the meaning of guilty pleasure. The decoration is like projections of books on the wall together with a pleasant bed. I see the instruments of the music band, the bar at the end of the hall and tables and chairs that are not really comfortable to sit for more than 20 minutes.

Two young writers start the show and read one of the chapters of their own books. For me the story about the fat woman remembers me the American programmes: my life with overweight. The idea is not to make fun about the subject, it supposes to be a love story with strange erotic ideas. The next step was dancing.

Here a few examples of the music playlist:

They play my pop music hits. It is crazy, because I thought I have to go home. I dance from 9 to midnight. Talk with some people, someone gives me a prize  because he says that I was the first person to see dancing. I give him also a prize because I think he inspires me honesty. It is a game created by a woman with a telephone on her head, she says that the idea is to connect me with someone on the party.  I want to speak with my mother, not possible she says.

After I drink two little bottles of ice tea, and eat two little snacks, the party is almost ending. People say to me that it is incredible that I can lift my legs up so high and that is a pleasure to see me dancing. One woman ask me to share a mad song that includes jumping, she has not the right shoes and she is always looking to the ground. My impression is that she is afraid of falling down.

Dynamo club

Finally, I have the feeling that everything was correct and beautifully designed. Just They have to explain a little bit better that there is a dance floor and the shoes have to be adapted to the occasion. For me is like nothing, I arrive to every place with my light purple parkour shoes. The rest of the people now can not walk anymore. That makes me so much  laugh.  I am stretching at the end, sitting outside on the floor, it is a painless feeling despite I still have a little tension exactly there behind my right knee.

Yet, not having real Champagne is a mistake, I could not buy it either because it is not at the bar. Always strangers wants to buy drinks for me, later they feel like they have the rights to kiss me. That is not fair. For one ice tea a man says Good Bye two times, that counts for six kisses and two hugs.


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