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Starboy, How to get out of this new ###?

Is cruel to see how others drive the car and do what they want at expenses of your life. End up as a starboy is as miserable as the past life on crime you had.

What was wrong about Aristoteles, don’t you see that you have lost time, to please them.

That you sacrifice in the name of love while the main creator of this new ### as starboy is thinking about the cars.

If the past was not perfect, this is either fine, tell me how do you get out?

Look what his done? you are now a ### starboy.

Everytime this nigger try to tease you HA! It is exhausting. Ha!

Has changed your destiny and the new brand is for him,

not more praying for love, nooo nooo nooo, praying for his car, baby.

And for his wealth. Ha!



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