Dancer film review

I was at the cinema today because of him, Sergei.  The film start when he is preparing for a show. He is drinking something for his heart. No idea what kind of potion is that. I see a box with medicine too. The music at the background is rock, a classic rock, of course. Starts very energetic, let’s be clear.

He says that he is a prisoner of his body because when he stops dancing the pain is devastating him. I can imagine that his pain from 1 to 10 intensity is something around 4, otherwise he has to start with morphine. On the other hand, it is happens to us, even if we do not have the schedule of Sergei. It is that stupid pain around the neck, your back and legs when stretching.  He says also that he was waiting to get a serious injury to have at least a reason to stop dancing. It is also important to know that he has a gymnastic basis and a ballet instruction. For that reason, he knows at least how do not get that injury. We know when the teacher says: stretch your knees,  warming up before spagat, et cetera. While it is much more involved, we have to see that are things in our genetic material that helps to go over the standards, maybe your muscles and bones architecture is crucial. It is also a matter of mental effort, motivation and believe that you can.

He left the Royal ballet and starts a new experience in Russia. Later, he met Igor Selensky a handsome man who from the film looks very attractive physically and I see that he inspires him to take decisions. Probably, at the Royal Ballet he has not much possibilities to become mentally strong. And if Sergei feels like it was like a prison, many people in the world are prisoners as well, not at the Royal Ballet but maybe into other organizations.  A real prison is much more horrible, it damages your life to be there, while at the Royal Ballet it supposes that they help you with dancing to sell tickets for all of us who wants to scape from reality. It is some kind of contradiction.


With all the fuss around his career, the last video Take me to Church is an example of love. I try to make his movements, which makes me cry sometimes, and even during this film I cry many times. If you want to try that choreography my advise is to search for enough space and do like you can fly. This element makes all the differences and makes you feel very emotional.

Finishing this review, I hope that Sergei with her lover, the dancer Natalia Osipova are really fine, the world is changing so much. Instead of thinking about how to survive we start war.  For me, classic ballet express my feelings because it has a romantic touch and a feminine character, that it is exactly myself. While him is in the middle of a very tense historical moment, modern or Jazz are now much more closer to his heart because Rock, How do we dance rock?. Shake your head and play an imaginary guitar. Mmm great idea.

Ending song of the film:


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