afrodance / Cardio / Coordination

The afro scene where nobody is ugly

My experience today is awesome, many people concentrate to do well movements that where less ceremony like, less traditional as Petit/ˈpɛtɪ/ Afro told me. He started dancing Zulu which he thinks is a traditional dance, yes I believe to. His facebook account does not add anyone more. I feel so sorry.  I was just to late for his workshop which is like being in a master class, because it has incredible movements and artistic expression. The organization made some videos which I hope to see back one day.   He is now leaving in Almere, so I think this was my chance to met him in person. Now I found the video on youtube with the music and exact the same choreography, so lets practice a bit.

Moving on to Reis Fernando, I followed the complete workshop and I was like playing with my feet. I start sweating half hour later and everything is very smoothly, not much effort. He says that the movement should look ugly, from the beginning I understand that, if you have dance ballet before, the term ugly we used when the movement has no aesthetics, it has no angle, it has no shape, you could not even talk about the exact position of your hands or legs, because it does not work here. Yes, it is controversial and that is the fun. I was a little child playing there. It makes my day. The song we dance is `nobody is ugly` from P-square. I feel fine listening to this. He has also incredible energy. The movements are soft and we use much concentration.

I finish my experience here, because I paid just 10 euro for one workshop. I would love to dance the next beat. The battle probably was canceled. I could make an effort this day to be present just I have to sacrifice this to recover my right leg.

This later, makes me think about Maoris, Pascuences and Chilote folkloric dances.  I wonder why afro has much attention, the music is even not so nice, listen to this the entire day would be a sin, for me. I  hope children understand that it is just a little thing in this world and do not take it too serious, because there are many other dances to get to know.  It is at the end a kind of cardio experience, I have fun and this people really show me quality steps. I hope that in Dynamo Eindhoven we get at least two times a year such event. I recommend everyone of all ages to practice this dance to increasse speed and concentration, anyway. Other ways, practice special trainning like this:

Do not  forget that first ballet, my dear. Then you can add what ever you like.


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