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My first pointe shoes: fitting and sewing

I win a price on facebook for 150 euro to buy everything I would like in a dance store close to my house. The person in charge of the fitting is a girl experienced in classic ballet, teacher at a dance school. She lets me try Grishko, lets me try exercises on pointe to be sure it does not hurts. Moreover, I get the ribbon, elastic, leather  caps and toe pads and extra money for a ballet leotard Roxane wearmoi black in M size.


Everything is going well at this moment. Later, I ask a friend expert in sewing to take a look to the pointe shoes and start the process of sewing. She makes remarks about the material, which it is a little damages at the heel. Then, we discussed about the position and length of the ribbon. Even, if is needed extra elastic to protect my aquilles tendon and the quality of the elastic. After all, we decide to return to the dance store for some questions and eventually to change my pointe shoes for a pair without the damage.

I recognize my questions where totally answer. The woman in charge this time has an especial expression which alterates my mood, it is like she does not understand that this are my first pointe shoes  and I need perfection. She knew about the damage in the heel and react like it is was nothing to worry. Of course, for her it is nothing to worry, for me it is a nightmare. The toe pads are the ones from Bunheads which are very warm, she says  that there is nothing less warm than this. It is not on the market, yet I doubt a little because someone before showed me a pair of toe pads, really different. It looks like she is busy.

Finally, I leave the store with the impression that in some way, there is nothing more to do. She gives the marks for the ribbon and elastic but will not let me try again the pointe shoes as I saw on videos on youtube. Really, I do not know if I am just exaggerating, but my impression remains the same. She does not want to spend more time on me.

The next image comes from Canada ballet school. Positioned much more in the back that how on the store was advised, yet the angle is the same. Could be the brand a factor to take in account.


The questions to solve are basically how I should start sewing in an elegant manner, preventing mistakes in the details such as fixing the edges of the elastic and ribbon, for example. Paying attention do not cut the main string and use the right glue to place the leather on the platform.

My friend is going to help me tomorrow, aligning everything. It cost me many hours and I hope at the end, even if it is not perfect, my pointe shoes will be ready for training.

My pointe shoes are from Grishko 5 1/2 Super Triumph and are ready to wear.


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