Ballet Community

Ballet dancers community

I am part of a ballet dance community completely unknown untill today. I see beautiful faces, beautiful bodies and great technique. My teacher this time is Floor, a tall woman with a great balance and strong muscles. She has a happy expression, and she remembers my name. I love when someone calls my name.

This day I have a little pain just right the muscles around my knee, this pain comes from a training I am been doing alone at home, in which I think forcing my turnout. I just think it is the problem of the barre which is too low at home. I lose stability, maybe it could be I did not warm up correctly. Anyway, she knows it and I just calm down my energy, because I thought we were going to jump grand jeté. It is a my imagination again playing against me.

The training is on my eyes really glorious, it was like being part of the Royal Ballet videos. This videos from Ballet Day. We practice basic body alignments and allegro. Finally, we dance fluently through the length of the ballet room.

There is also a girl on pointe shoes, such a thin girl and someway fragil. I stand next to her very proud.ad4d1c7a126ee971b2c75d4426bc053a

This is my moment in life when I realize I am part of something magic. I win this moment and I hope to repeat it very soon. For me is the community feeling which makes me dream, talk to everybody. Not like just, hello, and bye, bye, not I want to see them regularly because I feel like they are part of my soul.



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