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Health and Fitness workshop by SGE international

I assist at a gratis workshop from a company focus on physiotherapy. They give me chocolates, green grapes and apple juice.

I am glad solving many questions about my condition as ballet dancer. It is more about the light feeling of pain and the increasing eating  desires,   from the time I am doing more training. First, they describe the function of a physiotherapist. This definition involves any movement related problem. Here we talk about for example, exercise training for mobilization. Later, they explain the basic components of a workout, which opens my mind to an infinite number of possibilities and makes me feel much more confident.

Know what you are doing: is the main word they use for everyone in a fitness activity. We have to know about the intensity, material to use, technique and recovery time. Moreover, we need to warm-up 10 minutes plus 10 minutes specific warm-up. After sport we have to do cooling-down for at least 5 – 10 minutes. We should never sports while feeling pain in a scale from 1 to 10, above 4 intensity. Further, we should never sport if we are feeling sick or fever.

balletstudio2 copy

Work hard and have fun is the next message. We talk about exercise and nutrition depending of the type of sport, for example carbohydrates gives you 40-45 minutes of energy. For endurance, strength the amount per kilogram is similar per day, 6-10, 5-7 respectively. We eat them 2-3 hours before sports. Fatty acids have a very slow burning rate, they are important while longer exercise in a low intensity, just you do not have to eat to much of it before exercises. Proteins are used for recovery plus building process, you can take shortly after exercise about 10 gr which helps you with recovery. Fluids are important 2 -3 hours before exercise. Normally you drink between 500-1000 ml, athletes drink much more 2-4 liters, endurance 2-6 liters. If you exercise longer than 1 hour every 15 minutes, you should drink between 150 and 250 ml.


I ask him about hernia in the back, he says that people think that our back is something fragile, he says that this is not the case. We should work out our core muscles when dancing ballet on pointe. I am so glad, that without knowing exactly the reason, I knew it is extremely important.



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