Running / wellness

The one minute running

The one minute running for woman is a fact. It is associated with better bone health in woman.

Of course, I did a try at the park under beautiful weather conditions on the soft grass. It is a beat of my heart after the third round interval walking and running for one minute. I stop very soon, my hearth beat was at his maximum and I did not want to provocate hyperventilation. No, I think it has to be just one minute for people with excess weight problems and for me, as trained person, before the point of high intensity.


It increases my feeling for food and I feel exhausted, even writing this makes me want to sleep. Yes, it is not such simple the one minute running, specially if you think that the speed is low. Obviously not, after the first time you will do more until your hearth start beating faster than you imagine. This will be the time to control it and stop the innocent one minute running.

After, all this intervals I even came home for light stretching. I am literaly done.

I will continue tomorrow with the one minute running I just do not know the results. I am feeling with energy for the rest of the day, anyway.

Good Luck.


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