Bolschoi Ballet / Spartacus

Spartacus Review State Academic Boschoi Theater of Russia

For everyone reading my review right now, you should understand that of course nowadays everything is much more open to public thanks to internet. I would like really to see this wonderful performance live, just it is for now a dream for me.


From this perspective I analyse from a simple video, I can not feel the drama and the tension of the music. Even I can not experience the scenario and the real size of the dancers.

It is from this far perspective that my conviction about the extraordinary message behind the ballet is immense. I consider this choreography and everything around her a master piece and a must see ballet for every dancer, that even dreaming to jump like Spartacus it will be an unforgettable learning material.

On this ballet is simple to fall, break your neck, and after the third act probably not able to move anymore because it is my perception a half marathon, literally. They make much more than expected, I see the battle. I see the desperation. I see love and sex scenes.

In those times existed freedom and slavery together. A small group of people could feel live much more in control while others suffer being just part of their shows without rights. Life was not worth leaving as slave. A reason to fight to death. It is a reason to give everything.

Woman has a role in my eyes as the light in the tunnel for Spartacus, his  passion for being a free man is as much powerful as his love for her. Everybody surrounding Spartacus wanted the same, however is Spartacus the only one able to be the leader and die for it.

There are unlimited moments that I could comment about the choreography from Yuri Grigorovich. The Spartacus death at the end of act 3 is one of them, it calls my attention how it was elevated. I have to re play this scene because it was so much like magics. As some kind of illusionist performance.

Yuri Grigorovich

Follow me, the next post is about the choreographer Hans van Manen.


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