Barre / spitzen

Stay at the barre

Today, I was doing my best by stretching  several muscles  of my feet and all the muscles from my leg. It was a moment where I said it was over my capacity, after trying to reach my foot together. My ballet teacher helps me to give a little more accent while flexing the front of my feet and then turning out correctly. It feels like a screwcork. As I was boring with a drill into the ground. Very strange feeling.


I attempt to leave the barre, trying to challenge me, because I want to do it, to feel this lifting is something out of this world. Yes I did, at the same time my ballet teacher explains me that it was not a smart idea to do it now. Other ways, she could already decide to stretch in the middle of the room, and that could be much of a challenge as a too fast approach for my muscles.


We did the regular training with plie in front and side of the barre. Now the idea is to stretch the muscles better. First tendu and stretch to finally finish with the rest of the stretching of the front of my feet to return to the stretching leg and return to second position.


The last exercise is walking, ones again I left the barre just to know if that was the reason why I could not walk correctly. No, it was not the reason. My teacher again explain me that the barre is a support otherways my feet tumble to the side. I do not dimension this risk, imagine I fall down and broke my feet?. Scaring.

Other detail is the way I stand on pointe, because it looks like I push forward, this is also something I have to correct. That is way I think the training was directed to correct that the tip is flat on floor with a box perpendicular.

As a conclusion, this day is a weak up call for me. Do not subestimate the barre and think that you can do everything without her. Some things are not visible by you. Take care for a fracture.



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