Biomechanica / spitzen

Biomechanica for dancers

I am reading this days the most wonderful book about biomechanics which is the study of the structure and function of biologic systems using the mechanics methodology. It opens a immense amount of knowledges about how our body is able to perform movement.

Untill know I can understand the structure of our bones and the way they are connected to each other. Moreover I understand specific terminology related to the forces that our bones can handle. The most exciting was to realize that they are changing to adapt and when you had an operation where the use of screws is essential, the most important is to avoid further fracture. When we get older our bones become fragile anyway, even if we have done a lot, the future is already written.

In this picture we see the tissues inside the bones. When we are getting older the picture in the middle is the reality, my friends.


It is so fine to know about the function of ligaments in our hands and feet, they are a master piece created for this part of our complicated skeleton.  We need another much more specific book to cover this subject. Without this ligament in your hand you would not able to shake hands!.


A specialist can measure how much strength and hard is your bone. I think about that when training spitzen because obviously it is the complete feet that has to be under pressure all the time to become stronger for the dance I have to execute. The intensity of this training has to be enough to provocate a favorable change and not that I can not walk because of the pain. The feet is adapting very slowly and it is up to nature the time to be wait for at least a pas de bourre without barre. That is already a big advance.

Lets see what I am talking about: pas de bourree and couru.



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