I am living in The Netherlands in the city of Eindhoven where I learn classic ballet, a pure art movement. By luck I got in contact with yoga teachers in South Africa whom teach me how to be in calm and understand my limits. Sports is being always on my agenda, my favoriets are swimming and snorkel, 5 kilometers run and cycling around the city, freerunning-parkour and calisthenic workout. Walking through the forest and on the beach.

Talking about dance, lets say that from the beginning I felt interested in tap dance when I was very joung, then in my time was Madonna, Michael Jackson and Saturday Night fiver the mode on the radio. Later, I did latin dance passing though tango, salsa, bachata, reggaeton and kizomba. It was just a few years doing this when I decided to explore classic ballet inspired by several dance programmes availables on tv such as Stingray Brava and Currently, I do less latin and focus more on ballet classic technique and barre workout. Sometimes, I dance jazz for pleasure.

On my Artistic Lightning, @fitnessvoorsportievevrouwen  and Physical Dynamic chanels I write also and invite people into adventures.