On this page I set on a list all the current vocabulary  with the correspondent website for Classic ballet, ballroom dance such as samba, paso doble, cha-cha, tango and rumba. Following with breakdance and hip-hop.

On Wikipedia exists a definition for syllabus which I respect very much and gives an extraordinary source of motivation to learn this vast world of dance.

Let´s get started!

  1. Classic Ballet from the Imperial Classical Ballet, free to download and my favorite website Ballet in Form.
  2. Ballroom dance styles and my favorite YouTube channel to learn cha-cha and more…
  3. Hip-Hop and Breakdance favorite videos at VicaniTV.
  4. Specific fitness for target muscles. Thigh, Core and arms. Please, turn off the volume and do the exercises until you feel it, do not exercise more if is too much for you. Rest for 2 days each time. They are hard!
  5. Yoga,  Read the articles to understand flexibility, methods for relaxation, postures and correct transition  between asanas.
  6. New ballet workout is a splendid start for impatient ballet dancers, the barre training is difficult to follow, you need some time to do it well. When starts the Allegro is much easier and make you feel vital. You can do this workout almost everyday. The music is a miracle, really excellent.
  7. HIIT  I like it very much, try everyday in the morning.
  8. Isolation trainning with belly dance and video