Workshop and Pricing

Five options

  1. The workshop consists of an explanation of several methods to reduce injures while dancing , continuing with a selected source of dance performance online, finally we essay the methods and create a mini choreography thanks to a brainstorm.
  2. Dance workshop at simple event, 45 minutes with selected music. It can be for a dance studio or fitness.
  3. Condition trainning: effective workout for the entire body.
  4. At wedding events: coreography
  5. Dance show at weddings.


  • 12 euro per person, 45 minutes.
  • Dance show: 2, 5 and 10 minutes. 70, 100 and 250 euro respectively.


For Fun: I can adapt the intensity of the mental and physical effort to something limited to social events.

Higher ambitious : 

  1.  Not smoking, use drugs or excessive drink. No eating desorders. Full mobility and weight in balance with their length.
  2. Muscular trainning, willing to do streching and practice.
  3. You need 5 kind of shoes : shoes for parkour, shoes for ballroom, latin, ballet and gymnastics. Finally, one pair of pointe shoes.

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